About Us

Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology, founded in July of 1987, defined its philosophical principals to include expert surgical and clinical pathology diagnostic and consultative services, rapid turnaround and cost-effective delivery of services. We have maintained these foundational principals through the employment of pathologists with expert skills in both general surgical and clinical pathology and with subspecialty training in pathology in such areas as dermatopathology (skin pathology), gastrointestinal pathology and hematopathology (blood, bone marrow and lymph node pathology). The expertise of our pathologists is supplemented by a highly skilled office and technical staff and by the employment of leading-edge laboratory and computer technology.

In 1996, following nine years of steady growth in the volume of outpatient surgical pathology services and rural hospital-based inpatient surgical pathology and laboratory (clinical pathology) consultative services, we merged with Northern Nevada Pathologists (based at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center). This merger significantly increased the volume and complexity of inpatient surgical pathology services we provided and immediately made it possible for us to attract pathologists with subspecialty training. In addition, through economies of scale, we improved the cost-effectiveness of our histology laboratory and were able to introduce leading-edge tissue processing technologies, particularly in the area of immunohistochemistry (staining of tissue using antibodies directed toward highly specific tissue components; a technology that permits highly accurate cancer diagnosis).

We completed a merger with Sparks Pathology in 1997 thereby becoming the surgical and clinical pathology providers for Northern Nevada Medical Center. This growth has brought us to where we are today: the largest provider of outpatient surgical pathology services in northern Nevada and northeastern California, medical directors for United Blood Services (our regional blood bank) and pathology service providers and laboratory directors for Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Northern Nevada Medical Center, and a number of rural hospitals and health care facilities in northern Nevada and northeastern California.

In December of 2010, Western Pathology joined the Aurora Diagnostics family of partner laboratories. Aurora Diagnostics is the largest independent anatomic pathology laboratory company in America, providing unsurpassed diagnostic and information services to physicians, hospital systems, and researchers. Our focus on providing unsurpassed diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information and services to every healthcare community we serve, is driven by our belief that the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care are both personal and best delivered locally. We currently operate over 20 community-based laboratories in the United States, with over 150 licensed physicians on staff to service dermatologists, OB/Gyn professionals, family practicioners, gastroenterologists, urologists, general surgeons, oncologists, and over 65 community-based hospitals.

It is through our attention to foundational principals that, over the years, we have earned our reputation as northern Nevada’s premiere pathology group.