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What services does Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology provide for physicians, patients and hospitals or other institutions?

In addition to providing direct “Part B” patient services by interpreting biopsy, cytology or other specimens, the pathologists at Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology serve as medical directors at a number of hospitals or surgicenters. In this capacity, our pathologists work with physicians and administrators at these institutions as members of various institutional committees and also assist the administrators and other staff in making decisions about the types of laboratory testing to be offered and insuring that the performance of the associated laboratories serves the needs of the patients and staff, is of high quality and diagnostic accuracy and meets all regulatory requirements.

If I want to send my patient’s specimen(s) to Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology, how do I arrange for specimen pick-up?

Call our laboratory at (775) 746-3400 to arrange for a courier pick up of specimens from your office. For physicians who have numerous specimens to submit, we can arrange for routine pick-ups at your office on a daily or more frequent basis.

What choices do I have for how to receive patient pathology results? You may choose to receive reports on your patient in paper format by courier or mail, in electronic format by fax or direct interface to your office electronic medical record. Reports can also be looked up online by you or your office staff after receiving the appropriate password to protect the confidentiality of your patient’s records. Our pathologists will also commonly call you with urgent or unusual results and are available to take your calls during normal business hours. Someone is always available after hours in urgent situations or to discuss prior results or answer your questions about specimens you may be considering obtaining on your patients.

How do I reach a pathologist at Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology or request diagnostic results?

Our office and pathologists can be reached during normal business hours at (775) 746-3400. If the office is closed, the recorded message will provide contact information for the pathologist on call.

Does Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology provide supplies or other services besides full diagnostic pathology services? How do I obtain them?

Yes, if you need forms, supplies, etc. for collection of specimens, please call (775) 746-3400.

What insurance plans does Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology accept for payment?

Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology participates in almost all insurance plans in our service area. For a complete list, refer to the Insurance List located under the Billing menu. If you have a patient who has another insurance plan or no insurance, we will work with them to establish a payment plan or provide discounted service so that they can receive the pathology services they need. Call our billing office at (775) 746-3412 for questions or assistance.

Does Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology provide services outside of Northern Nevada or out of state?

Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology provides services throughout Northern Nevada and in many parts of rural Nevada and Northeastern California. In addition, our pathologists can consult on cases from outside the area. For physicians outside our geographic service area who wish to send specimens, contact (775) 746-3400 for instructions and to obtain mailing materials so that you can send specimens on your patients to us for diagnostic services.

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