Submitting Histology Specimens

General information

The following instructions apply to specimens for which the submitting physician intends to provide a diagnostic interpretation. NHI will perform slide preparation. Consultation is available from Aurora Diagnostics Western Pathology upon request.

Client instructions

• Minimum standards must be met for the laboratory to accept a specimen.

• Upon removal from the patient, the specimen should be placed immediately in a container with 10 percent Formalin.

• The container should be identified with a 10 percent Formalin label containing a biohazard symbol. A specimen

identification label bearing the patient name, submitting physician assigned pathology accession number, submitting

physician name, collection date, and type of specimen must also be placed on the container.

• The container must be leak proof with a firm-fitting lid to avoid exposure to biohazardous material. Place in a plastic

specimen bag to further contain unexpected leaks.

• The specimen must be accompanied by a completed pathology requisition slip.
• The pathology specimen requisition slip should include the following information:

• Date (and time, if relevant) of collection

• Submitting physician name

• Patient name

• Specimen source

• Physician assigned pathology accession number

• Special instructions when appropriate
• Transport to WPC via courier or other means as appropriate.
• WPC will provide supplies required to submit specimens to the lab.