As part of the Aurora Diagnostics family our dermatopathology services provide the expertise of board-certified pathologists in two of our partner locations with direct and immediate communication in our Reno location. Skin biopsy interpretation, clinicopathologic correlation, and consultation services as well as a wide range of conventional and immunohistochemical stains, and the expertise to provide immunofluorescence and immunophenotyping services. Our outstanding quality of histology services enables our dermatopathologists to provide accurate diagnostics with a high degree of confidence.

Our Dermatopathology expertise:

• Board-certified, fellowshipped-trained dermatopatholgists More Information
• Grossing, embedding, processing, and routine H&E staining of skin biopsy specimens by our own experienced
  laboratory personnel.
• Meticulous and systematic orientation of skin excisions for evaluation of margin involvement by neoplasms.
• Accurate, clear, and prompt diagnoses framed in the language of clinical dermatology.
• Clinico-pathologic correlation for optimal interpretation
• Routine review of all malignant melanomas, unusual malignant neoplasms, and difficult inflammatory conditions
  by a minimum of two dermatopathologists.
• Diagnostic consultations on slides prepared by outside laboratories.
• Proficiency review of slides prepared and previously diagnosed by contributors.
• Participation in quality assurance programs
• Affiliation with the American Society of Dermatopathology
• Laboratory accreditation by the College of American Pathologists