Women's Health

ADX Western Pathology pathologists provide expert interpretation of needle core and mammatome biopsies as well as fine needle aspirations, lumpectomies, and mastectomies of the breast. Our laboratory is at the forefront of cutting edge diagnostic technologies. Therefore, we perform immunohistochemical prognostic factors, such as Her2/Neu, on all newly diagnosed breast cancers. These prognostic and treatment markers enable the breast oncologist to treat the patient with the most up to date and precise anti-tumor medications.

Our pathologists also interpret cervical and endometrial biopsies enabling the patient’s physician to diagnose cervical and endometrial cancers as early as possible to optimize treatment strategies. When diagnosing dysplasia of the cervix we compare the biopsy to the patient’s previous PAP smear to ensure concordant results.

Cytology & Histology

Gynecological Pathology (i.e. Pap Smears/ThinPrep/ Surepath)
Image Directed Cytology
Interpretation of Fine Needle Aspirations
Complete Surgical Pathology

Molecular Pathology

Hybrid Capture II (Digene) HPV
Chlamydia/N. gonorrhea, SDA
HSV I + II, real-time PCR
Group B Strep, real-time PCR
Trichomonas vaginalis, real-time PCR
BD Affirm (Candida sp, Garderella, Trichomonas)
Vaginitis/Vaginosis Panel
– BV Panel
– CV Panel
BV Panel (Expanded vaginosis panel)
– Atopobium vaginae
– Bacteroides fragilis
– Gardenerella vaginalis
– Mobiluncus curtisii
– Mobiluncus mulieris
– Prevotella bivia
CV Panel (Candida albicans glabrata, krusei, parapsildsis, tropicalis)
Urogen Panel
– Mycoplasma genitalium
– Mycoplasma nominis
– Ureaplasma urealyticum
Cystic Fibrosis (carrier screening)
– 29 Mutations
HPV HR Genotyping (14 genotypes)